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Jett Darts Magnetic 2 in 1 Game

Magnetic Dart Set
Our Jett Magnetic 2 in 1 Dart game is a safe and fun alternative to traditional darts. Using high end magnets, you can throw these special darts at the specially designed 15 inch dart board and they will stick like glue. Our reversible dart board hangs on any wall and offers up a traditional dart board with single, double, triple, bullseye and double bull areas on one side. Flip it over and test your skill with a target game. Includes: 1 hang-able reversible magnetic dart board, 6 darts, and instructions. Board dimensions are 44.5 cm x 36cm.
SKU 505013
Weight 2.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 15.5"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H